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Jun 03 2011

B is for “Beat the Test”

It has been two months since my last post, and my mood has improved considerably.  I went on a cute mini-vacation with my roommate to Mendocino, California (a tiny bed-and-breakfast town on the Pacific coast), visited a childhood friend in Seattle who lives on her sailboat, and road-tripped to Los Angeles last weekend.  I am…

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Dec 27 2010

B is for Before You Apply

These TFA blogs demonstrate an important aspect of the organization that is rarely publicized, but very important.  Every corps member has a completely different experience than the others.  Even corps members who live together, teach in the same schools, and share students encounter totally different challenges and enjoy totally different successes.  For that matter, every…

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Jul 24 2010

B is for Balance

After one month at Institute (training) in Los Angeles, I am learning that teaching is a careful balance- both inside and outside the classroom.  These are three of the dichotomies I juggle every day: Personal/Professional Alignment (PPA) This Teach for America acronym (one of thousands) refers to the idea that healthy, happy teachers are better…

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Jul 08 2010

B is for Brianna

Friends, I teach for BRIANNA, a 7th grade student in my math class who scored a 31% on her diagnostic assessment, a 33% on her daily assessment yesterday, and a 100% on her daily assessment today.  She wears her pink backpack in the front and raised her hand at least four times in class today.…

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Jul 04 2010

B is for Beginning

Friends, My Teach for America journey officially began when I accepted a position in the 2010 Bay Area Corps in January 2010.  The road to California has been unbelievably smooth since then.  I interviewed with and accepted a position in Rocketship Mateo Sheedy Elementary in late March as a second grade math teacher.  My new…

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