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Sep 16 2010

B is for Bodily Fluids

One reality I did not foresee in teaching second graders is the ever-presence of bodily fluids.  Second graders leak.  My students are just beginning to lose their teeth, so their hands are forever covered with spit as they twist and pull their teeth out of their gums.  They spontaneously bleed from scabs on their arms and legs.  One student threw up twice yesterday morning before we could even walk into the classroom.  (“But I feel fine!  Can I please stay at school?”)  Another student wet his pants, presumably because he was so enthralled by our place value game that he forgot to raise his hand to ask to go to the bathroom.  I have never been a huge proponent of hand sanitizer, but I’m quickly becoming its biggest fan.

For the kids,


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  1. Eleanor Nurney

    Ah, Bailey. I’ve always felt that Mike Rowe should do an episode of “Dirty Jobs” with a classroom teacher. At least 2nd graders (usually) can blow their noses. Kindergartners tend to let it run…….

  2. Michelle

    I totally understand the feeling of 2nd grade germs. I’m constantly surrounded and inhaling them, oh 2nd grade, and to think I want even younger students. Good luck!

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